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A Mixed Method Study Explores the Impact of UCI-NSF PreK/K Leadership Training for Early Childhood Educators Integrating Science, Math, and Literacy


This brief paper and Powerpoint will be shared as part of a "roundtable" presentation at the International Network of Scholars (INET) Conference. The INET Conference is sponsored by the School, Family, and Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University.

We were asked to limit our paper to one-to-two pages. We plan to write a more comprehensive paper by the middle of April.

The presentation will highlight outcomes from a research study conducted as part of the UC Irvine Center for Educational Partnerships-California Reading and Literature Project PreK/K FOCUS! SMARTS Leadership Institute. The study was conducted with participants in the Science, Math, and Reading Schools (SMARTS) year-long 48-hour PreK/K Leadership Institutes from 2003-07, a part of the UC Irvine Faculty Outreach Collaborations Uniting Scientists, Students, and Schools- FOCUS! NSF 5-year grant.

Dr. Deborah Mercier (Concordia University-Irvine) and I collaborated for three years in collecting and analyzing data. Silvia Swigert (UC Irvine-Director of Evaluation) helped with data analysis.