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Video: Science and Math Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood


Flash Video - Running time: 21 min.

If the video does not load, try viewing it on the UCI website.

The Science and Math Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood (SMILE) video highlights science, math, and literacy research-to-practice early childhood information and experiences that emerged from a four-year National Science Foundation-funded PreK/K Leadership Institute. The institute trained early childhood educators from three UCI Center for Educational Partnership PreK-12 partnership districts in Compton, Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana. The leadership institute was facilitated by the California Reading and Literature Project in collaboration with California Science Project and Irvine Math Project leaders in the UCI Center for Educational Partnerships.

The FOCUS SMILE web site also includes support tools for introducing the video to educators:
  • PowerPoint introduction
  • 11-page Microsoft Word Viewing Guide: The Guide contents include:
    1. INTRODUCTION-page 1
    2. AUDIENCE-page 1
    3. CONTENT and RESEARCHERS-page 1
    4. SOURCES OF SUPPORT-page 2
    6. VIEWING GUIDE-page 3
    7. VIDEO RECORDING FORMS-pages 3-6
    8. DVD TIMELINE-pages 7-8
    9. CREDITS- pages 9-10
Pages 4, 5, and 6 of the viewing guide offer interactive handouts for presenters and the audience to complete when introducing the guide.

For more information about this video, to download the Viewing Guide, or to order a DVD, visit: