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Mathematics and Science Partnership: FOCUS Faculty Outreach Collaborations Uniting Scientists, Students and Schools


Through FOCUS (Faculty Outreach Collaborations Uniting Scientists, Students and Schools), the University of California, Irvine (UCI) unites the efforts of mathematics, science, education and research library faculty and staff with educators from local community colleges, school districts and local educational support agencies. The partnership builds on prior established relationships between UCI and three high-need California school districts: Compton Unified, Santa Ana Unified and the Westside of Newport-Mesa Unified. These schools serve 106,695 students of whom 82% are Hispanic and 11% are African American.

The work of FOCUS will include the construction of a ""future teacher highway"" to increase the number, quality and diversity of preK-12 teachers of mathematics and science; involvement of math and science professionals in ""Discipline Dialogues"" that cross segmental boundaries, and the creation of systemic reform in the professional development of preK-12 teachers of mathematics and science. FOCUS will ultimately impact the number of new mathematics and science teachers; the number of high school students prepared for and enrolled in advanced mathematics and science coursework; the achievement gap between the general student population and English Language Learners; and the number of higher education faculty engaged in efforts with preK-12 educational systems.