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Criteria for MSPnet Hub Library

Library criteria

1. Appropriate content

a . Entries appear to be relevant references to the MSP projects in that they address aspects of science and math educational change and policy, teacher professional development, and STEM teaching and learning in K-12 and/or in IHEs.


b. Entries support a better understanding of the ideas and issues embodied in the MSP program's 5 key features (Partnership-driven, teacher quality, quantity and diversity, challenging courses and curricula, evidence-based design, and institutional change and sustainability).


c . Entries provide insight of the work or research emanating from the MSP projects.

2. Of broad interest to the MSP community

The articles posted on the Hub should be or interest to a broad constituency within the MSP community and not to only one individual project. (Therefore articles within the Hub should be relevant to more than one project. Specific lessons or activities should be posted only when contextualized, and when potentially useful to other projects as well.)

3. Appropriate meta-data and acknowledgements.

The sources are clearly acknowledged, and give evidence of TERC staff's attention to permissions or copyright issues, where relevant.

4. Appropriate professional tone

The article does not violate normal rules of decency in professional discourse.

Cumulatively the library should:
Represent a depth of content as well as a breath of views represented within NSF's MSP community.

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