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MSP Conferences

RETA Workshops

QUALITY EDUCATION FOR MINORITIES (QEM) NETWORK Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Program Technical Assistance Workshop for Minority-serving Institutions and their K-12 Partners
MSP Workshop Series: STEM Education Research Designs: Conceptual and Practical Considerations for Planning Experimental Studies
MSP Knowledge Management Dissemination (MSP-KMD) Post-Conference Meeting
CCSSO Workshop: Application of New Data Tools in Evaluation of Math and Science Initiatives
CCSSO Workshop: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice in Professional Development
AAAS ABC Think Tank Meeting Summary
September 2006
MSPnet Pre-Conference Workshops
Thursday, January 25, 2007
MSP Evaluation Summit II: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPs
October 4-5, 2006
Math Science Partnerships: Six Proceedings and Transcripts
from 11 MSP Workshops
How People Learn: Proceedings from
Two MSP Workshops from the National Research Council 
Focusing on Assessment of Learning: Proceedings from
Two MSP Workshops from the National Research Council 
MSP Evaluation Summit: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPs
Sept. 15-16, 2005 
Online Workshop: Using Patterns to Develop Algebraic Thinking
Jun 29 - Aug 16, 2005 
Use of Online, Web-based Data Tools for MSP Evaluation and Alignment Analysis Workshop
Feb. 2, 2005 
Math Science Partnerships, Evidence: An Essential Tool
October 21-22, 2004 
Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) Instrument Dissemination Workshop
June 18, 2004 
Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity (CBEC)